varioPRINT iX-series


The varioPRINT iX-series revolutionizes the commercial printing business experience. It combines stunning image quality and a wide media range with the high productivity and attractive cost efficiency of inkjet. So, commercial printers can say “Yes” to virtually any job, based on the agreed turnaround time and price, then print it to generate more profit and more business.

More jobs. Shorter runs. Tighter deadlines. To stay ahead, commercial printers need a press that allows them to easily set up jobs, switch media, personalize and run 24/7 with minimal operator intervention. This is where the varioPRINT iX-series excels.

  • 312 ipm and more than 9360 4/4 letter sheets per hour
  • 4740 11 x 17 sheets 4/4 per hour
  • 4500 12 x 18 sheets 4/4 per hour
  • More than 94% uptime
  • All-in-one print platform with end-to-end automated workflow
  • Paper input capacity of up to 23,400 letter or 13,500 sheets any format

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